Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ode to poetry- on the occasion of World Poetry Day

I read you, lengthy verse, and wonder,
What thought prompted this expression?
Was it sorrow which I am thinking-
Or can it be that he is in love?

Why don't they, who write you,
Tell me what goes on in their hearts and minds,
So that I understand you better?
Can they not share truthfully, their qualms
And their unspoken pangs
Without mincing words? Alliteration? Similes? Metre?

Just when I think I know what you are saying...
There comes a twist, believe me.
Triggered by a pun, or allegory,
Which makes me change my mind-
And move on in another direction?

Maybe thats not what you meant to say,
Maybe I got you wrong;
But you aren't here so who can say-
Where you were coming from?

And then these well read fans of yours,
Sit and tear your work to shreds.
Argue it till the tatters,
Can not be woven back.

Did you turn in your grave just one more time,
At the rape of your thoughts enmeshed,
In the pretty design, that you wove...
Together with your soul, the midnight oil,
And the dark blue night for company?

Well, live on everlasting words,
The progeny of a raving mind-
The offspring of a roving heart,
The child of a shattered soul!

Live on, the rantings of a girl in love,
And live on too, the broken heart's outcry.
Happy songs, live on and flourish-
To make the daisies grow- the lotus bloom and the roses nod
The rising sun, the dew on the hillside...
The song of the larks and the music of the springs.

Life, you are a poem...
Full of poetry of so many hues.
Live on, play on, love on
Never mind the blues!