Friday, March 12, 2010

email forwards

verbose email forwards just get my goat! Each time I go to my respective emailboxes to start with some constructive work, I get so entangled with the emails in my box that the bright idea for constructive work takes a back seat and I am left reading the so many really verbose emails which either promise me the moon, or ask me to make a wish, or threaten me with dire consequences if I do not forward it to ten, twenty, thirty of my best friends. It is also in fashion to forward emails with compassionate pleas for money to cure illnesses- it shows up the kind side of somebody, on paper, oops sorry, the laptop screen! There are group emails where one has to sign and say I endorse- where the endorsement leads to, I have never known.....
Also received an email about how people impersonate or put up false identities on the social networking sites and use genuine information thus gathered from unsuspecting networkers, to commit crime- kill, rob, kidnap.... oh my god!
Then there was this email I received some five times telling me I have won a lottery from some Lottery Board which has totally eluded my intelligence- I have yet to find out lots of things about it- but I know that I have won some few million pounds because my email id has been selecetd!!!! In fact I have been asked to remit money for couriering the cheque!!!!ha ha!
Will this stop? Can I report this? To whom?
The Net, initially hailed as a medium of communication is fast degenerating into a con medium- we have to stop it!And we have to stop these email forwards which result in waste of productive time and effort!