Thursday, June 10, 2010

letter to my father

Dear papa,
whwile you were here with all of us, we were too busy chasing our rainbows. Now that you have gone away somewhere, we do not know where, we find that we are increasingly missing you. For every small thing I want to tell you just like I used to, but I dont know how to... papa, are you listening?
Today is a proud day in my life- you would always tell me about how we all grow up and find our own lives and make it worth our while. What you never told me was that for every thing we do to be successful, there is a learning that we have learnt with our parents sometime, without realizing it. I realize it now, and when I want to hug you and say a real thank you, I dont know where to reach you, papa. You have been so self effacing always, papa, i think its been unfair- I wish you had asserted yourself some so that we could realize this precious learning and could have had the time to hug you for everything- but you just went on giving; with no expectation.And then one day, just went away so out of reach.... just a whiff of fragrance somewhere or a sound note reverberation in the air......