Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Irreverent.... sounds different, doesn't it?


The good old girls were singing a song
And just for fun, I sang along.

They prayed for their honor, they prayed for their bread
And I prayed for getting married, instead.

At fifty the girls felt young at heart
That’s because they had never seen life, for a start.

I was gauche at 16, and stupid and shy,
And a hopeless bore with the boys.

I felt like time was slipping away,
Would I find a boyfriend, or die an old maid?

I played poker on mobile, I was so bored,
Good God, with all the singing, my throat was so sore!

It seemed never ending, and I was hungry
Singing for my supper- oh the height of drudgery.

I would rather watch a movie, and eat some chicken wings
Sleep till noon, who really wants to sing?

But I went along and sang that song,
And sang the song some more….

My head hummed hamburger, and my hands played poker
And the feet did a bollywood disco.

Its time to rise and shine lazybones,
Its time to say hello!
To the tide and the moments that are passing you by
So stand under the mistletoe.

Some wandering nomad may come by and kiss you
Who knows, he may just decide to love you.

A genie may drop by with a lampful of luck
Perhaps a bucket of wine and a bushel of slush.

The sun smiles on you, the skies are so blue
It cannot get better, for me and for you.